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TASCH & Nolaphile | James Michalopoulos

Henry Ford said, “Why is it every time I ask for a pair of hands, they come with a brain attached?” At TASCH we take every opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of our Team members on and away from the jobsite. The Brain Behind the Hands Max Cusimano produced images and videos for TASCH […]

water damage recovery process in a residential home.

Flooded Property – What to Do First

Recovering from a flood is an emotional, painful process. However, acting quickly makes all the difference in the world. In today’s blog post we discuss the first steps to a successful recovery.

Football Field Crew Fumbles Paint

Every New Orleans paint contractor knows there are certain things you just don’t do with drying paint. However, the NFL Hall of Fame Game was cancelled when the field crew applied heat to dry the paint. Instead of drying, the field turf turned from bad to worse.

Crews worked to spray solvent on the field.

Painting in bad weather conditions

Painting in New Orleans Weather

Paint manufactures perform product testing at 75 degrees and 50% humidity. In south Louisiana perfect painting conditions rarely exist. This can create disastrous results for inexperienced painting contractors and the building owners who hire them. In this moth’s blog post we discuss how to get the best possible finish in the worst conditions.

Painting Commercial Buildings | Gretna Jail

Painting commercial buildings in Jefferson Parish calls for a skilled commercial painting contractor. Painting in a high security environment like the Gretna Jail called for TASCH! Read how TASCH Painting Company was uniquely qualified to work in the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center.

Painting commercial buildings

New Orleans Commercial Paint Contractor

Touch Ups Vs Repairs

Who Takes the Hit on the Punchlist?
New Orleans paint contractor Mike Foster, of TASCH Painting Company, discusses the touch subject of who takes the hit on the Punchlist for damage to the paint finish.