Football Field Crew Fumbles Paint

Crews worked to spray solvent on the field.

Crews worked to spray solvent on the area around the midfield logo ahead of kickoff, but eventually the Hall of Fame Game was called because of the field conditions. Photo courtesy of Mike Wells/ESPN

Every New Orleans paint contractor knows there are certain things you just don’t do with drying paint. First and foremost, you can’t speed up the curing process by using heat. Seems like nobody told the field crew for the NFL Hall of Fame game. According to a Business Insider article that’s the reason given for the NFL’s cancellation of Sunday night’s Sunday night’s game between the Green Bay Packers and Indianapolis Colts at Tom Benson Stadium.

Out of the Frying Pan

According to ESPN, The issue stemmed from the paint used on the logo and in the end zones. Both teams were worried about player safety saying the paint on the logo won’t allow a cleat to penetrate it. The paint crew then reportedly sprayed solvent on the area around the midfield logo and  the problem was made worse when workers tried to use heat to dry the excess paint.

Anyone familiar with coating products knows that solvent + rubber + heat = disaster. And, the Hall of Fame Game was no different. The solvent, paint and heat melted the rubber pellets in the field turf making the painted areas of the field “hard as cement,” according to one Packers player.

Expensive Mistake

Cancelling an NFL football game is an expensive decision. In a joint statement, the NFL and NFL Players Association said that while they were “disappointed for our fans,” player safety “is our primary concern.” Whether it was poor planning, lack of education about materials or faulty application, improperly applied coatings and solvents can have disastrous, long-term effects.

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