Painting Commercial Buildings | Gretna Jail

Unique Qualifications for Secure Facilities

Painting commercial buildings calls for a skilled commercial painting contractor. Painting the Gretna Jail called for TASCH!

TASCH Paint Company provides a wide range of commercial painting & drywall solutions for local, parish, and state government facilities in the Greater New Orleans area. We are uniquely qualified to meet the unique demands of working in a high-security environment. We are focused on exceeding the needs of each facility while providing a safe environment for the public, our employees and the client. We have the expertise to ensure that the commercial painting projects we complete are visually pleasing, weather proof and long lasting.

The Gretna Jail, also know as the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center, is a great example.

Jefferson Parish Correctional Center (JPCC)

Painting Commercial Buildings | Jefferson Parish Correctional CenterThe Jefferson Parish Correctional Center (JPCC), in Gretna, Louisiana is a pre-trial detainee facility owned by the Jefferson Parish Government and is administered by the JPSO.

When tasked with applying an elastomeric coating system on the JPCC’s South Wing, TASCH Painting Company was ready for the challenge. Painting commercial buildings consists of the following steps, no matter if it’s a jail in Gretna, an historic theater in New Orleans or a shopping mall in Kenner. The required steps in a commercial painting project are always the same: thorough cleaning, substrate repairs, caulking & patching, priming and finally the application of the finish coats.

Safety & Controlling Costs in Secure Facilities

When working in a secure facility, constant communication is the key to ensure safety and avoid expensive disruptions. TASCH Painting Company worked closely with Jefferson Parish officials to schedule the commercial painting project. Painting Commercial Buildings | Jefferson Parish Correctional Center Site Prep

Our scheduling addressed the tricky task of which hours would be best for which building areas. By working closely with the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center staff, we deployed staff and equipment on a timeline that allowed normal business activities to be maintained without creating security risks or costly disruptions.

We began the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center project with an inspection of the building substrate. This process allows us to document needed repairs, hazards or security risks. Painting commercial buildings requires daily site preparation consisting of simple traffic controls and clearly visible caution tape near the man lift equipment, scaffolding and staging areas.

When painting a detention center, jail or prison, a contractor must be hyper-vigilant about the equipment brought in and out of the facility. A dropped paint scraper could turn into a deadly weapon in the wrong hands.  Our daily routine also consisted of a precise inventory of every piece of equipment brought on site. With a precise plan in place, TASCH Painting Company went to work.

Painting in Challenging Conditions

Painting Commercial Buildings in Bad Weather | Jefferson Parish Correctional CenterWorking in a high security facility requires planning for every potential occurrence, including the weather.  While the bid for painting the Jefferson Parish Jail was completed in the heat of summer, the actual work took place in the fall and winter. In New Orleans, winter weather means high moisture and extreme swings in temperature. To accommodate the south Louisiana weather challenges, TASCH scheduled the cleaning tasks during days where rain or cool temps were forecast. Regardless of the forecast, we always have the necessary protective equipment in place for our employees and the work surfaces.

Choosing the Right Products

The South Wing of the Gretna Jail was constructed with an EIFS (exterior insulating finishing system) as the exterior envelope. The heavy pebble grain texture of the EIFS was visibly soiled with environmental and vehicular contaminants and was particularly difficult to clean. Painting Commercial Buildings with EIFSYears of diesel exhaust soot from vessels on the nearby Mississippi River required the testing of several high performance cleaning chemicals. These tests were required as the EFIS is prone to degradation if the wrong chemicals are used or if they are not diluted properly. Assured by the elastomeric coatings manufacturer, the EIFS substrate must be thoroughly clean, dull and dry prior to the coatings application. To that end, TASCH Painting Company selected an environmentally friendly cleaning chemical and cleaned the JPCC’s South Wing. Following the cleaning task some Jefferson Parish staff thought the building was already painted!

The Right Technique Gets Perfect Results

With the cleaning task behind us, we began priming the nearly seven story building. Caulking and elastomeric patching compounds were used at voids and cracks to maintain the integrity of the substrate. Observing proper application techniques, TASCH painting staff utilized a wet mil gauge to ensure proper coating thickness.

Elastomeric coatings require regular and ongoing inspections until the last gallon is applied. They must be applied at specific thickness, or “mils”. If the coating is applied to thin, the cured coating will not “stretch” (yes, elastomerics stretch up to 300% when dry) with the building movement.  Too thick means the coating system will not cure properly and may not allow the substrate to breathe (yes, buildings breathe).

Painting Commercial Buildings and Beyond

TASCH Painting Company is uniquely qualified to work in high-security environments. The Jefferson Parish Correctional Center owners selected Tasch Painting Company over all others in the New Orleans area to install a top quality exterior coatings system for the JPCC South Wing. We are pleased to provide commercial painting services just like this to Orleans, Jefferson, St. John, St Charles and St. Tammany parishes as well.

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