Commercial Painting

Discover the advantages of a genuinely professional commercial painting company.


Building long term relationships by providing excellent commercial painting service is second nature for TASCH Painting Company. Since 1976 our competitive advantage has been the ability to provide clients with a quality workforce and excellent project management. Our dedicated employees are led by a management team that has a diverse background in the commercial painting & paint coatings industry. We take great pride in our ability to focus on the scheduling details that will bring projects to completion on time. We continue to raise the standard of service by working closely with our vendor partners, utilizing the latest application techniques and environmentally responsible products in the field. Our reputation for excellent service is recognized by a host of clients in the public and private sector.


At TASCH Painting Company, our primary goal is to develop long-term customer relationships with owners, municipalities and general contractors.  We do that by providing excellent service not only in the field, but in the office as well. Whether small or large, each job is handled by a project manager from the submittal phase to the delivery of closeout documents. This keeps the job on track with the construction schedule and completion date. If an unforeseen change in the commercial painting job occurs and a change order is required, our project managers will provide detailed change order documentation for you to evaluate in a timely manner. When other contractors balk at unforeseen changes in the project, TASCH Painting Company is ready for the challenge with problem solving managers and a ready workforce.


TASCH Painting Company can schedule painting during off hours and production downtimes so normal business activities can be maintained without costly disruptions. When we start a painting project, we stay on the job until it’s completed. When we commit to a construction schedule, we stick to it. If nights and weekends are what it takes, TASCH Painting Company is there. We employ dedicated men and women that perform the task at hand with persistence and professionalism. This basic practice sets us apart from many contractors and assures timely completion of the job. Just as important, we return calls and e-mails, and stay in touch with site superintendants, project managers and Owner representatives to keep them informed of our progress. Serving our clients by meeting their expectations for quality and delivery is key to our ongoing success as a leader in the paint coatings industry.


TASCH Painting Company utilizes the latest in application techniques and project specific coatings to insure a durable and aesthetically pleasing paint finish. Our crews are trained to apply paint coatings using methods of painting including Brush & Roll, Electrostatic, Airless Spray and HVLP. We follow stringent industry recommendations as outlined by the equipment and coating manufacturers for optimum performance. TASCH works closely with vendor partners to understand the characteristics of new paint formulations and features so that each coating system is applied correctly and efficiently.


At TASCH Painting Company, we take no shortcuts. Painted surfaces can vary from metal, masonry, wood or synthetic materials. Each surface may require special preparation to assure proper adhesion and performance of the specified paint coating. Methods of surface preparation vary, but could include hand tool cleaning, grinding, needle scaling, chemical cleaning, pressure washing or abrasive blasting. Preparation can also include acid etching, chemical degreasing or steam cleaning. We know that proper preparation is essential and that any surface to be painted must be clean, dull and dry prior to the application of paint or protective coatings. Take a look at the results from a recent project at the LSU Health Sciences Parking Garage commercial painting project.

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