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Your Customer’s first impression is your parking lot.

Maintaining the parking lot striping in your lot will greatly improve the safety for your customers and the overall appearance of your facility. There is good reason that we’re all familiar with the term “curb appeal”!  The parking lot is by far the first impression that your customers have of your business property. A lot with faded or blurred lines will create confusion for drivers and pedestrians –it could  actually cause a great deal of harm if someone becomes injured from the lack of clearly visible lot striping, ADA markings and directional icons. Parking lots that are properly laid out and freshly painted will create a sense of safety and organization for vehicular and pedestrian traffic thereby eliminating unwanted liability exposure for your business and tenants. Many property and facility managers will use parking lot striping for a quick, powerful, and affordable means to revitalize the appearance of their properties. Whether your parking lot painting project is regular maintenance or new construction, TASCH Painting Company is capable of completing the job to improve your “curb appeal”!

Types of Lot Striping Offered:

Prior to layout and installation, we ask that you consult the appropriate city department before you make any design decision that can affect your parking lot users.

  • Single Line Striping – a striping line that is just one single line separating two car spaces. This is the least expensive option when it comes to parking lot stripes.
  • Double Line Striping  – a double line usually boxed at the end. Spaced approximately 1 foot apart from center line to center line these are preferred because they give drivers a small buffer that allows for better entry and exit of their parked vehicle and their car doors opening.
  • Round End Striping  – these are stalls exactly like the double line parking lot striping mentioned above. However, they have a decorative rounded half circle end instead of a square flat end like the standard counterpart. Many high end malls and business parks like to use these to add a touch of class to their line striping layout. Since they require a separate stencil to complete the round end they usually cost more than the standard double square ended stall line.
  • T-stall (AKA:boxed stalls) – type of layout typically used in an alley or adjacent to a fence or block wall. The layout allows a property owner to take advantage of areas where parking typically does not occur. An example would be a building owner laying out parking along a wall where a driveway is. In order to maintain traffic flow he can’t place a traditional parking space however; he can use t-stalls. This basically means striping the corners of single spaces parallel to the wall marked only by the two corners of the cars outer edge with a “T”.
  • Tandem parking – a design where several vehicles are parked head in, bumper to bumper. This only works in a situation where the tenant of the parking space is designated and they have the ability to move the car when necessary.

We’ve encountered just about every type of parking lot striping configuration you can imagine. Here are many of the most common questions we’ve been asked:
Lot Stripe-35

Can you stripe a parking lot in cool weather?

We need temperatures above 45 degrees. Low humidity and sunny skies help paint dry quickly.

How long does it take for paint to dry?

In ideal weather conditions, our traffic paints can be dry in as little as 15 minutes.

What colors are available for striping?

Our traffic paints colors are white, yellow, red, blue and black. Why black? Black is often used for “erasing” old lines on asphalt lots!

What sorts of stencils can you make?

We can make any stencil that meets your needs. This includes custom stencils such as “Reserved”, “Compact,” or “No Parking”.

What sort of striping paint do you use?

We use only name-brand solvent-based traffic paints from major manufactures. These paints are specifically designed and tested for application on traffic pavements.

Can you apply the traffic paints with a paint roller?

Yes, in some cases our installers actually apply traffic paints by hand! Most often, however, our traffic paints are applied using an airless striping machine. This way we get your project completed on time!

What kind of paint is used for curbs and wheel stops?

Our installers use the same high quality traffic paints for curbs and wheel stops.

How much does it cost to use your professional striping service?

Our estimating department quotes each job individually and factors in Planning, Layout Time, Number of Spaces, Cleaning Time, Number of Colors & Number of Stencils.

Can you help us become compliant with ADA and Fire Code requirements?

Yes, our professional team looks forward to providing excellent service from start to finish!

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